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The management of a construction company includes the laying out of a certain plan, co-ordination among the employees and vigilance of the project from the very start to its completion. Agni Shanti Buildtech Pvt Ltd. is of no difference. We, with our family of managers, engineers and laborers work to meet the client’s needs to its core. This is done in order to come up with a good and economically viable project.

Our company Chairman is Wg Cdr SN Agnihotri, a retired Air Force officer, who is also on Board of Directors with Satya Gupta Build tech Ltd, based at Lucknow.

Our company is headed by our dynamic Managing Director, Mr. Kunal Agnihotri who works day and night with a team of fifty-plus employees to take the company to a different level where quality will not be ever compromised at any cost.

The company believes that proper management of the daily evolving talents is the key to the success. An environment of discipline among the employees is present. Everyone works in a dynamic environment with great enthusiasm so as to contribute more to the popularity of our company. Our company works on a certain set of core principles. It is so designed so as to ensure that the policies associated with the company’s HR keep that worker which is of choice of the Board of Directors. Regularly compensation packages are introduced in the company to an enough amount. This allows the superior resources to be financed enough to join and be with company. Our company also believes in steady progress and does not keep itself stagnant after achieving a certain goal. It looks forward, looks ahead of times to achieve something new. As a result we come up with plenty of professional opportunities all over the year that is particularly needed for the growth and development.

Information technology is according to the company can also play a significant role by giving a new dimension to the existing capabilities and functions of the company. Agni Shanti Buildtech Pvt Ltd has highly modernized techniques to manage the finances, resources and data of the company.

The company is also looking to enhance and upgrade the decision supporting system constantly so as to improve the efficient managerial skills that are available among the employees to make a significant mark in the marketplace of construction and engineering companies of India.

The company is proud to declare that it has performed outstandingly with its great managerial and engineering skills in the last few financial years. We are hoping to carry forward this feat and take it further a step ahead in the world market. Agni Shanti Buildtech Pvt Ltd believes in itself the most which has resulted in such a success. We believe that in the upcoming years we will be continuing to grab more and more E&C projects across various sectors. Thus there will be a further growth in our order book by the end of the forthcoming year.

VISION: “Quality Assurance and on Time”
A CLASS 1(A) Govt. Contractors, Builders & Interior Designers

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